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About us

since we are parents our-selves the topic of baby-food and the importance of its quality, sustainability and the principles of its production are important for us for many years allready. 

through our  own practice knowledge and years of experience in exporting BIO Products we managed to build up a lot of market knowledge and establish a dynamic and well working business in this branch. 

Our goal is to work environmentally friendly and support the development of good, reliable products wich are focused on being the best for human AND planet. 

We see ourselves as partner for high quality BIO products, further more we see it as our duty and responsibility to strengthen the global trend of an endeavor towards an environmentally friendly economy. By stimulating the economy into this direction and support the creation of workplaces in this industry, here in our country and everywhere in the world.

One example of what drives us to distribute the best quality possible to the rest of the world, was the babymilk scandal 

In the year 2008 in China, in wich many , in that moment we started thinking about what it means to take on the responsibility   of nurishing a fresh born human, from mother nature into your own hands. 

our partner that help us delivering the solution, and the best babyhood possible include: 

HIPP (Germany) 

Holle (Swizerland)

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